Flavours of Samarkand: National food

Uzbek cuisine has a variety of dishes and everyone can find a dish to taste.


The most famous main dish is plov. Plov is made out of meat, rice, carrots, onions and a variety of spices. The main specialty of this dish is that it is made in big kazan (cauldron) over open fire, and the recipe is unique to every region of Uzbekistan.


Another delicacy is somsa: pockets of bread filled with meat and onion that is cooked in tandir (a clay oven). Fresh vegetables and salads, as well as green tea are served for every dish.


Manty is one of the most famous and popular dishes of Uzbek cuisine. They are steamed dumplings, usually made of thin dough filled with a juicy stuffing of meat (most often beef or mutton) with onions and spices. Manty are cooked in special steamers and served hot, decorated with fresh herbs. Their juicy flavour and tender texture make manty an unforgettable dish of Uzbek cuisine.


Uzbek traditional bread – non – is always served at every table and is the main part of every feast. Non – is a traditional bread that plays a significant role in the daily diet of the Uzbek people. The flatbread has a unique shape, texture and flavour, making it an indispensable addition to a variety of Uzbek dishes. Uzbek flatbread has a unique flavour. It has a delicate texture and light chewiness. Its flavour and warmth spreads pleasantly, filling the space around. Non are usually served hot, cut into slices, and accompanied by a variety of dishes such as pilaf, kebab, soups or salads.


Every dish in Uzbekistan is made with love and care, so every meal will become a unique experience.