Must take this away with you as a souvenir from Samarkand

Samarkand is the cultural capital of Uzbekistan.
Over two million people from all corners of the world visit it in a year.

However, Samarkand is rich not only in its historical sights, but also in various unique souvenirs.

Dried fruits – you will be greatly surprised when you see how rich their assortment is in the bazaars of Samarkand. Not only is it quite a tasty treat, but it is also healthy. Many dried fruits, such as sultanas and apricots, contain antioxidants that help fight free radicals and reduce inflammation in the body, helping you recover quickly from intense exercise.
Tip: The tastiest dried fruits are the ones with the most unsightly appearance.

Souvenirs made of ceramics and wood – in the city’s markets you can find platters, dishes, bowls, plates and cups painted with intricate and colourful patterns. You can also pick up clay figurines – funny little people called “babaichikami”. Another popular souvenir from Samarkand with complex multi-layered ornaments. From wood you can find carved backgammon or chess, as well as Uzbek musical instruments covered with Uzbek national patterns.

National costumes – of course, how could there be without robes-chapans and colourful skullcaps. The highlight is bright and colourful tunics made of painted cotton and satin. Few people would dare to wear them in life, but in Uzbekistan they are still worn by people of different generations.